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7 - 8 noiembrie 2018

NOKIA - Zilele Carierei X, Martie 2017

Adresa: str. Gh Lazar, nr 9, Timisoara
Telefon: +40 256 30 31 00
Adresa de email: hrconnect.ro@alcatel-lucent.com
Pagina web: www.nokia.com
Prezentare firma
Automatica si Calculatoare
Electronica si Telecomunicatii
Electrotehnica si Electroenergetica
Inginerie din Hunedoara
With the combined strengths of Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent, we are an innovation leader in the technologies that connect people and things.

Together, we have the capabilities and global scale to meet the extraordinary demands and opportunities of a world where everyone and everything are increasingly connected. We’re creating a new type of network that’s intelligent, efficient, and secure, and advancing the technologies that tap its power through smart devices and sensors.

At Nokia, we’ve always been excited by where technology will lead us. Our business has evolved to adapt to a changing world for 150 years, but what we stand for remains true. Our vision is to expand the human possibilities of the connected world. We continue to reimagine how technology blends into our lives, working for us, discreetly yet magically in the background.

Today, we’re shaping a new revolution in how people, businesses, and services connect with each other, creating new opportunities for our customers, partners, and communities. We’re weaving together the networks, data, and device technologies to create the universal fabric of our connected lives.
Nokia are la momentul de fata 130 pozitii deschise pentru toate nivelele de cariera, incepand de la internshipuri platite pentru studenti pana la oameni cu vasta experienta in domeniu. Recrutam atat persoane care au cunostinte de C++ si Java pentru zona de RD, dar si persoane care nu detin neaparat cunostinte de programare, pentru zona de servicii pentru pozitii precum Technical Support Engineer, Bid Manager, Sales Solutions Manager sau Service Engineer. Oportunitatile noastre de cariera se gasesc aici: http:www.nokia.comen_intabout-uscareersopen-jobs
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