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13 - 15 MAI 2020
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SC Carl Zeiss MES Solutions SRL

SC Carl Zeiss MES Solutions SRL
Adresa: Str. Aida Nr.5 Timisoara
Telefon: 0726414139
Adresa de email: fjurj@guardus.de
Pagina web: www.guardus.de
Prezentare firma
Automatica si Calculatoare
Electronica si Telecomunicatii
Carl Zeiss MES Solutions is a provider of MES software solutions for production industry (like automotive, aerospace, medical devices, etc) in Germany and worldwide.
More than 20 years of know-how in this field have conferred to Carl Zeiss MES Solutions a solid name in quality and production management within the industrial production environment.

The success of the internationally renowned enterprise is based on the Manufacturing Execution System Zeiss-Guardus MES.

The solution allows to carry out complex development projects in-time and in-budget, to accelerate the total lead time and the inventory wait time and to reduce stocks. All these with the guarantee of maximal quality and customer contentment.

For this purpose Zeiss-Guardusinterconnects the world of Computer Aided Quality and production data collection and mirrors all functions integrated in a MES-solution.

Zeiss-Guardus optimizes the whole manufacturing process with both decreasing error rates and production costs: from the development, supply and production through the supplier coaching and complaint management up to audits and the central action management.

Furthermore, the integration of all relevant data from measuring and testing systems, production facilities or ERP- and PPS-applications accelerates the total lead time and the turnover of inventory.
Zeiss GUARDian junior software web developer for mobile apps
- JavaEEOOP, Javascript, HTML5, SCSS knowledge, Eclipse Link, REST full
- AngularJS , Bootstrap, GitLab, WildFly application server

Zeiss GUARDian junior software developer for MES
- Oracle, PLSQL, Relationa DBs, Reporting (Jasper)

We accept also part time or full time for this position!
We accept also students

All resumes must be submitted in English.
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