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ZF Group

ZF Group
Adresa: Str. Republicii, nr.9, etajele 1-4
Telefon: 0771165183
Adresa de email: alexandra.amota@beespeed.onmicrosoft.com
Pagina web: www.tec.beespeed.ro
Automatica si Calculatoare
Electronica si Telecomunicatii
Electrotehnica si Electroenergetica
We are the Automotive RD center of ZF in Romania.

We are present in the Automotive Research and Development market in Timisoara since 2007 when we started as BeeSpeed - Timisoara Engineering Center having a strong partnership with ZF Group along this journey. All our services contributed to the global mission of developing a safer vehicle for the driver and the passengers.

Starting with 1st January 2019, we became a part of the ZF Group. Together we will further sustain the mega-trends in automotive innovation which are related with the main goal of developing an environment with zero accidents, zero local emission and a high connectivity rate between the vehicles.

ZF Group is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. The company has a global workforce of 148,969 with approximately 230 locations in some 40 countries. In 2018, ZF achieved sales of €36.929 billion.

We cover the following areas:

Software and system testing for embedded systems
- Test Management - Test Design - Test Creation - Execution and Reporting - Test quality

Software Development
- Development and maintenance of a state of the art tool chain (in .NET). Algorithm development and programming for embedded systems for automotive.

System Engineering
- System Architecture - System Requirements Engineering - Safety Engineering

Hardware Development
- Development and maintenance for the HW equipment used for testing and validation (HIL).

Quality and process engineering
- Development, implementation and monitoring of the processes, procedures and WIs for the testing activities in order to assure a high level of compliance with the automotive standards, internal, customer and legal requirements.

Besides the fulltime positions for each discipline, we also offer students the opportunity to work with us by taking part in different internship programs. We also provide different internship programs for students interested to work with us.
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