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28 - 29 OCT 2020
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Adresa: Str. Eftimie Murgu, Nr. 35, Cluj -Napoca
Telefon: 0745750827
Adresa de email: contact@takeofflabs.com
Pagina web: www.takeofflabs.com
Prezentare firma
Automatica si Calculatoare
Digitizing the Game of Golf

We are architecting, building and supporting products which power more than:
• 2 million online golf registrations

• 2 million golf tournament formats

• 5.9 million scorecards, tee sheets, and reports

• 2 million emails and text messages sent monthly to golfers

• 5.8 million rich web pages with golf information

• 21 million rounds of golf yearly

• 100 million golf pairing possibilities 

More than 8,000 golf organizations in 40 countries run their operations more efficiently. 

How do we do it
• Highly innovative culture paired with passion and discipline

• Collaborative environment supporting individual accountability

• Best computer scientists, designers and psychologists express their ideas freely

• Quick response to changing circumstances

• Staying in touch with our customers

• Continuous feedback integration

• Titles do not matter to get the job done

Our Technology Stack
Constantly evolving technology stack to stay current:
• Ruby on Rails

• Swift

• Java

• React

• CoffeeScript

• PostgreSQL

• Kubernetes

• Docker

• Rspec, Capybara, Selenium

• Your proposal and experience matters…

Interested in joining our team
• Upload your CV at www.takeofflabs.com 

• Receive and solve a set of algorithmic problems

• Live interview through web conference tool with senior engineer

• Live interview with your potential manager

• Accept offer

• Welcome on board!

 Go to www.takeofflabs.com and get started.
Take Off Labs is hiring talented software engineers to work on our challenging web and mobile projects. Our products are used by thousands of people every day across the world in diverse industries from golf to music, ticketing and registration.

Our technologies of choice are Ruby on Rails for web, Swift Objective C for iOS Java for Android. We work in a dynamic environment with rapid development cycles where every engineer makes a huge impact on the product trajectory. We all work from home a sustainable 40h week with flexible schedules. Students can work part-time during the school year (20h week).

A successful Take Off Labs engineer is a person who has:

- university degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering (or pursuing one)
- solid experience in at least one web development framework similar to Ruby on Rails
- experience with developing mobile applications for iOS andor Android is a plus
- good communication skills and very good English speaking and writing skills

We appreciate and promote people who:

- want to make a difference and are responsible for delivering products from start to finish
- are punctual and deliver their tasks on time
- enjoy learning from others and like sharing their knowledge
- are always looking to learn and adapt to new technologies

While working with us, you will gain a solid understanding of the following technologies:

- Ruby on Rails
- Swift Objective C
- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax
- SQL and relational databases
- Web user interface design
- Object-oriented design
- API development
- Apply for opening jobs by navigating to www.takeofflabs.com

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Retrospectiva Zilelor Carierei, editia 17
Retrospectiva Zilelor Carierei, editia 17
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