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Methods Engineer PTM

Full time » Management în Producție și Transporturi in Timisoara

Valeo is an automotive supplier, partner to all automakers worldwide that develops smart technology for safer and greener mobility.

As Methods Engineer PTM  you will be part of the our team in Timisoara.


- Initial Process Definition

    -  Estimated Process cost, evaluation of the capacity according to industrial plan, estimation of ranges of manufacture

    - Process analysis & recommendations for Make/Buy   study

    - Initial list of Special Characteristics (process)

    - Record of meeting of the contribution to the project of industrialization Head industrialitation / specialist.

    - Updates of the project

- Industrial analysis:

      1-Definition of the industrial Means (Separation of lnversiones and Spreadsheet of means).

      2-Previous Study of packings returnables or not for finished product and components

    - Process flow chart.

    - Checking of the design for the manufacture, assembly, disassembly and recycling. Minutes of meeting with the specialists of detailed form of the design to evaluate the risks of process / product before the Design Review to be able to take countermeasures

    - Presentation and participation of the different UAP's contributores to the project.

    - Get contributors for every proyect

    - Description of the preliminary route of operations  (gama preliminar)

    - Identification of the means of control for the product 

    - Perform Process FMEA: 1.- Identification of the critical characteristics, 2.- Obligatory plan of action for the  NPR> 100. Once realized the action plan to return to calculate NPR.   3.-Participation of workmen, contributors

   - Launch of the orders of purchase of tools, machines and packings: Prepares 1.- 3D definitions, technical Standards, 2.-Meetings with the suppliers to get their offers, 3.-Analyses of offers together with general purchases, 4.-Follow-up of orders

  - Get the approval of the client for the packing of the finished product

  - Make planning and follow-up of the tools (specific tools, molds, asambly line)

  - Nomenclature (Prepare parameters of responsibility of the process PTM)

  - Review of the designs of the tools together with the specialists before launching them to the workshop for its manufacture (tools asambly line, molds, tools process reflector)

  - AMFE of means realized by the supplier taking standard as a base our Amfe

  - Logistic Amfe

  - Acceptance of industrial Means: Check list of safety, Check list of Ergonomics, Check list of industrialization, Check list of engineering facilities, Capability of the means, SPV's Check list, Acceptance of the workmen, process audit, JPC,  Check

  - Complete Dossier of documentation in the data bases: BBDD “Documentation of assembly lines” and in the BBDD “Project Document”; Work Instruction,  Instruction of SMED, Instruction of preventive maintenance, Card of Manufacture, Check list of 4P (poka-yoke)

     - Update: Perform Process FMEA: 1.- Identification of the critical characteristics, 2.- Obligatory plan of action for the  NPR> 100. Once realized the action plan to return to calculate NPR.   3.-Participation of workmen, contributors

   - Make and follow-up of the plan of action for the adjustment of tools, machines and internal molds, Assembly for the process PTM of preseries and prototypes in the assambly line

  - To act like formingly of the supervisor of manufacture as well as of the teams of assembly

  - Prepare and conduct Production Trial Analysis Report of assambly line and all the components that are made of the factory

  - To control and to look for internal components for the assembly of preseries/prototipos in the line of assembly

  - To refill format with the needs of manufacture to the different UAP's. To be present weekly at the PDP of projects

  - Preparation and sending of raw materials and components to the manufacturers of molds and tools

  - Plan of take-off of production (follow-up of the curve of take-off). Daily meetings with maintenance, engineering facilities, supplier of tools

   - Preparation and attention to the visits of follow-up of our clients

   - Follow-up and accomplishment of all offers of improvement directed to the manufacture of the product

   - Follow-up of the plan of improvement

   - Daily assistance to the QRQC on line / plant


- Engineer degree

- pro-active

- English advanced

Do you have questions about this job offer? Feel free to contact us at raluca.rotariu@valeo.com or +40731240522


DJ 691, Km 8 + 775 307210 , Giarmata
Valeo, an automotive supplier and strategic partner to all automakers worldwide, develops innovative technologies for reducing CO2 emissions and for intuitive driving. The Group was founded in 1923 in Saint Ouen (France), and is today present in 33 countries. Valeo has 111,600 employees in 184 sites. Valeo’s mission is to offer its automaker customers innovations enabling automobile use to evolve. The Group’s ambition is to be leader in all its business activities, and therefore the indisputable technological benchmark among automakers.

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